Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an effective treatment to help reveal bright, glowing skin, smooth out unwanted texture and ensure your serums and active skincare work to their full potential.

What are chemical peels?

A chemical peel provides multiple benefits to help improve skin blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, sun damage and the overall skin tone and texture of the skin. They also help give a smoother, clearer, younger looking skin.

chemical peels auckland

Chemical Peels Auckland

The use of naturally derived acids is one of the best non-invasive anti-ageing approaches for quick and effective results. AHA’s in peels are proven to reduce wrinkles, increase firmness via collagen stimulation, smooth the skin, reduce pigmentation, and increase hydration.

Professional peels can reduce the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diffuse redness
  • Superficial hyperpigmentation
  • Mild scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Clogged pores and breakout
  • Dry and flaking skin

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Chemical Peel






Chemical Peel







What would I do to prepare?

We recommended you prepare your skin before a peel using a vitamin A/ Retinol topically on the skin. This will strengthen your skin and ensure you get the best possible

What does it feel like to have a facial peel?

Multiple layers of peels are applied to the skin depending on your sensitivity, skin type and skin response. During a peel, most clients feel a mild tingling sensation that lasts between 1-5 minutes. Essentially, causing gentle trauma to the skin.
This process of cell renewal and regeneration leads to smoother, brighter, and rejuvenated skin for you.

General side effects of chemical peels may include:

– Redness and Swelling
-Itching or irritation

-Skin peeling or flaking up to 14 days after the treatment

-Acne breakouts
-Reactivation of ‘cold sores’ (Herpes Simplex)

How often should I have a chemical peel?

As with all non-invasive skin treatments the professional chemical peeling treatments need to be administered in a routine manner. Better results will be seen if the treatment is performed every 2 weeks (mild treatments) or 4 weeks (advanced treatments) for a series of six treatments.

Once a full treatment course has been completed, it is recommended that a maintenance program be implemented, these treatments should be performed every 6 to 8 weeks.

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